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Why Arnold Schwarzenegger is already infuriating the new ‘Terminator’ team

Arnold Schwarzenegger talks Terminator 6

While the first two Terminator filmsare rightfully regarded as two of the greatest sci-fi action extravangazas to ever be committed to celluloid, the three most recent installments were instead met with less enthusiasm.

That was put down to James Cameron’s lack of involvement, something that will be corrected in the recently confirmed sixth edition, as the legendary director has taken a hands on role as a producer. Of course, Arnold Schwarzenegger is returning to the franchise again for the film, while Cameron has already revealed that it will disregard the last “Terminator” efforts, which he referred to as a “bad dream,” and instead just pick up from “Terminator 2: Judgment Day.”

It’s understandable then that Cameron doesn’t want to refer to the film as “Terminator 6.” But Arnold Schwarzenegger doesn’t have such an issue, something that the actor made clear when I recently chatted to him ahead of the release of “Killing Gunther.”

“It’s really great to have a number 6. They hate calling it number 6 by the way. I don’t give a sh**. They keep telling me, ‘Stop it. Don’t call it number 6 because it is going to destroy the franchise. You are f***ing everything up Arnold.’ I can hear it already. But the press writes number 6 anyway if they like it or not. Which I think is really funny.”

Surely the best plan for James Cameron and Tim Miller (“Deadpool”), who is stepping into the director’s chair to oversee the sixth film, is to probably reveal its title, because then Schwarzenegger won’t have any other choice but to call it by its official name. Until they do just that, Schwarzenegger will probably just keep on annoying them for his own amusement.

There’s a good chance that a title for “Terminator 6” is already in place, too, because it has now been teased that production on film will begin in late March, 2018, in Budapest and parts of Spain.

“Terminator 6” will be released in July, 2019. Those of you looking to see Arnold Schwarzenegger in action before then should check out “Killing Gunther,” which is released in select theaters and On Demand on October 20.