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Why did Google Glass fail?

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One of the most anticipated gadgets in recent years, Google Glass will no longer be sold to individual customers. Google will continue to support the smart glasses in the future, but its Explorer program, which gave users the opportunity to buy Glass for $1,500, will end. Stuart Miles, tech expert and founder of website PocketLint.com, the largest independent gadget news and reviews site in the UK, explains why Glass has failed (for now).

Why did Google Glass fail?

Because nobody wanted to wear such a device on their face and the social stigma behind it proved it wasn’t going to work in its current form factor.

Do you think Google Glass’s failure was predictable from the beginning?

It was clear from day one this wouldn’t be a consumer device we would all be wearing. It pushed the boundaries too far too quickly rather than slowly educating people into wanting it.

What is the future of Glass?

In certain niche sectors it still has potential, but not for general consumer use. But we can expect that Google will rethink it. That’s for sure.

What does this mean for the rest of such wearable technology?

The news means that wearables have to be very understanding of how the user will look while wearing it. Just expecting people to bolt some ugly-looking thing on their arm or head doesn’t cut it.

Why do you think people seemed so interested at first?

I think it’s because it’s sci-fi stuff from the movies and the concept was very cool, but the reality never lived up to the hype.

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