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Why Jose Canseco is a marketing genius

There’s little doubt that Jose Canseco is dominating retirement.

He also might not be as dumb as we all like to think.

Guys like Rafael Palmeiro, Roger Clemens, Sammy Sosa and Mark McGwire are all going through their own personal hells right now. They are living a lie. They are all hoping people forget that they did steroids all while sort of staying the good graces of Major League Baseball.

Meanwhile, during the time periods where Canseco has managed to stay out of jail (hey, we all have our issues), he has been nothing short of a marketing genius.

Just look at what Canseco has done in the past week:

1. Signed on to play for an independent league baseball team, the Worcester (Mass.) Tornadoes.

2. Took the Red Sox up on their invitation to attend the Fenway 100 celebration when no one in their right mind thought that a. he’d be invited in the first place or b. show up without considerable compensation (no word on whether or not that happened, but it’s doubtful even with John Henry’s reckless spending). When he did show up, he walked out of the center field garage talking to his iPhone (obviously, he was taking his own footage of the event so he could somehow later profit off it) and then committed baseball sacrilege by flexing his bicep while (insert joke here) The Natural theme played over the loud speakers (part 2, 4:50 mark).

3. Tuesday he deleted his Twitter account, which sent the social media outlets into a frenzy considering his Twitter account just may be the best in the universe. Seriously, who knew steroids made you smarter? If you have the best product out there (i.e. Canseco’s Twitter), the best way to get your audience clamouring for more is to rip the product away from them when they least expect it.

Meanwhile, Roger Clemens’ thinking with this whole steroids trial is, that if he is exonerated, he will wind up in the Baseball Hall of Fame. But is it really worth this multi-million dollar hassle?

The Rocket is losing thousands by the day, trying to clean up image when, in actuality, that ship has long since sailed.

Canseco? He’s making money. Sure he may blow it sooner than later. But right now, it sure looks like he’s the guy having fun, living life, making money and not living a lie.

Big hair, big arms

In 2005 I witnessed Chewbacca throw out the first pitch at Fenway Park. It was a once-in-a-lifetime moment, but admittedly, his slider did need some work.

Today, I saw this and frankly, there’s no comparison. This girl’s breaking ball is as filthy as they come. I’m not even sure this is a first pitch considering there’s a batter. This might have actually taken place during the game given the movement this girl gets on the ball:

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