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Why Rob Reiner feels partially responsible for the rise of Donald Trump

Rob Reiner on Donald Trump
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One look at Rob Reiner’s Twitter account shows just how furious he is with Donald Trump. But it turns out that one of the reasons why Reiner is so angry with the current President is because both he and his wife Michelle actually feel a little bit responsibility for his rise to power. 

The legendary director, who oversaw “This Is Spinal Tap,” “Stand By Me,” and “LBJ,” made this admission at the Hamptons International Film Festival back in October, when he was interviewed by Alison Willmore during a conversation about his career that I was in attendance at. 

“We have been literally apoplectic for over a year now,” Reiner admitted, before then making his admission. “We feel this much responsible. And I will tell you why. First of all my company Castle Rock produced the show ‘Seinfeld,’ which was a big, big hit, and everybody loved ‘Seinfeld’. I found out years later that Steve Bannon, who runs Breitbart, had a little bit of ‘Seinfeld,’ and made a lot of money from it. I thought, ‘What?’

“He represented Westinghouse who put some money into our company and when the company was sold to Warner Bros he made money. I thought, ‘That’s horrible.’ We have an office in Los Angeles and Breitbart is right down the hall from us. I didn’t know it because there is no sign on the door, and no record in the lobby.”

But it is not just Rob Reiner that partially assisted Donald Trump’s campaign, because his wife Michelle also had some dealings with the 45th President Of The United States.

“And then the second thing is that my wife Michelle took the picture of Donald Trump that is on the cover of the ‘Art Of The Deal’.”

When I sat down to talk one-on-one with Reiner about “LBJ” after his conversation at the Hamptons International Film Festival he went into more detail about his hatred of Trump, and why he is so worried about his impact.

“It is the most powerful political figure. The fact that we have come to this place right now, and that we have someone completely ill-equipped and unqualified is very, very scary. He has no understanding of how any of this works. Somehow this happened in America, and it is really scary.”

“I have never seen a Prime Minister, you may not like them necessarily, but at least they have been in government, and know how it works. This where we are now is unprecedented, and is very scary. Because right now the hot spot is North Korea. And they have a crazy lunatic running their country, and we have a crazy lunatic running our country. So that’s a recipe for disaster.”

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