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Why thighs are the new ‘it’ body part


Is there a less loved part of a woman’s body than her thighs? Companies try to pretend they don’t exist, there’s amachine dedicated just toexercisethem and —let’s admit —it’s probably low on the list of body parts most of us are happy with.

Maybe that’s why we’ve never noticed that they have some impressive powers.

It began with Twitter user @princess_labia posting a musing imagine of the stretch marks on her thighs, comparing their stories to the ones that fortune tellers claim to see in the lines of our hands.

The idea took off worldwide, with thousands of women of every age posting their own#thighreadingimages on Twitter and Instagram.

“It’s especially exciting because you get responses like, ‘I didn’t realize how many girls had this’ or ‘it makes me feel more comfortable having these’ or ‘the more I look at them the more beautiful I realize they are,” @princess_labiatold MTV.

The problem with thighs, she continued, is that there’s no “normal” because the images we see are so stylized.

Women took#thighreadingnot just as a call for body positivity, but a chance to share the struggles their thighs have seen — and, more importantly, carried them through to the next adventure.

They used the photos to tell their stories about their past…

How they go to where they are now…

And their hopes for the road ahead.

They bear the scars of our weakest moments, because we were strong enough to see ourselves through.

They symbolize our optimism about the future, too.

And they deserve a turn in the spotlight.

So ladies, love the skin you’re in, because remember…

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