Why You Should Try High-Potency CBD Now

Why You Should Try High-Potency CBD Now

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Let’s take a look at how much CBD concentration matters, and why it won’t break the bank.

Ever thought about how much of an ingredient can alter a final product? If you add too much salt to a dish, you could easily ruin the meal. If you add too much water to your flour, your dough may not rise. 

The same rings true with everyday wellness. Let’s take a look at how much concentration, or potency, matters when it comes to your health and wellness journey. What are high-potency CBD products and do they cost more? Thanks to cbdMD, not anymore with their latest evolution of price and products

What Is High-Potency CBD and Why Might You Need It?

Potency in CBD is measured in terms of milligrams. To determine how much concentration is in each dose of CBD, you can check the label or calculate it yourself: 

[Milligrams of CBD per bottle] ÷ [number of servings in the bottle] = Number of milligrams in CBD dosage.

Determining your CBD dosage is important for when you decide to move up in CBD strength. If what you are currently taking is falling short of your body and mind’s needs, then going up in serving size or going to a stronger CBD oil formula would give you more CBD. 

Maybe you are tossing and turning through the night or you find yourself more stressed with work. Perhaps you feel your CBD isn’t working for you anymore. Then, switching to a CBD with a higher concentration, or a full spectrum product that is a super-combo of both CBD and THC, may make all the difference in how you feel.

High-potency CBD contains more milligrams than a traditional CBD product. There’s no precise definition, but it typically means 100 mg to 250 mg per serving. Ongoing research is increasingly showing that this is a good amount to support daily wellness in most people.

Better yet, our friends at cbdMD are now offering high-potency CBD products at prices of under $100 a bottle. Check out their price comparison chart to see how much less they charge than the competition. It all comes down to more bang for your buck!

Choosing the Best High-Strength CBD Products

cbdMD offers a range of tinctures, capsules, and gummies in high-potency formulas with both broad spectrum and full spectrum CBD. Feel free to mix and match them to create the perfect CBD regimen for you..

Full Spectrum Gummies support your body while providing a sweet treat that will give you a lift any time of day. Who doesn’t love a gummy?

If you like flexibility, Broad Spectrum CBD Oil Tinctures are exactly what you’re looking for. You can take a dropperful straight under your tongue, mix it with your favorite drinks, or use it in place of the oil in your favorite recipes. And you can measure exactly how much you want down to the last drop!

Full Spectrum Capsules provide a premeasured amount of CBD+THC in a form that’s easy and convenient to take. With just two capsules you’ll get a heavy helping of the broadest array of hemp benefits to help you feel rejuvenated all day and night.

If you’re looking for better sleep, cbdMD also offers an array of CBD sleep aids, now available in both broad spectrum and full spectrum versions. Full spectrum CBD oil for sleep and full spectrum sleep softgels are perfect for nightly use. These combine the soothing power of CBD with melatonin and a bouquet of calming herbs to help you get your best rest.

Whichever option you choose, you’ll find that high-potency CBD can bring you more benefits at a better price than ever before. Everyday wellness doesn’t have to break the bank!

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