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Will Louis CK ever make another season of ‘Louie’?

Louis CK on the red carpet

Over the course of its first five seasons Louis C.K’s FX Louie TV show revolutionized the comedy genre, taking it to places that other writers, directors, producers, stars and comedians had never even considered.

Since the end of its fifth season in 2015 fans have been waiting patiently for details regarding a new batch of episodes. Any news that has emerged, though, has always invariably been bad as Louis C.K. has repeatedly made it clear that he wants to focus on different projects. Clearly, C.K. hasn’t budged in this stance because his long-time producer Blair Breard admitted that she doesn’t even bother to talk to him about the future of the show anymore.

“Who knows? Anything could happen,” Breard remarked when I recently asked her whether or not a sixth season of “Louie” is in the pipeline. “He just did an interview at the TCAs and he said it would have to be very different. But it’s not something that we talk about … He’s a writer and a director and a creator, he’s always going to keep doing things that interest him. We’ll see if the character of Louie calls for him in the future. But who knows?”

Back in August during his appearance at the Television Critics Association, Louis C.K. was asked the exact same question, and his comments suggested that even if he did return to the character it wouldn’t be for a while.

“I don’t think the version of Louie that was on FX, I don’t think I’ll do that exact version again because I just haven’t been that guy for a while with the stained blacked T-shirt and the two kids because they’re older now. I always thought if I did ‘Louie’ again, I may go back to it later in a different version. No idea if I’ll do it — I don’t think about it much,” C.K. told Variety.

It makes sense that Louis C.K. hasn’t given it much thought, because he has most recently been focused on his independently released television show “Horace and Pete,” which Breard was an executive producer on, while he also debuted his feature film “I Love You, Daddy” at the Toronto International Film Festival earlier this month.

Blair Breard was speaking ahead of her appearance at the IFP Week, which is taking place in various locations across Brooklyn this week and includes discussions with Barry Jenkins (“Moonlight”), Yance Ford (“Strong Island”) and Julie Klausner (“Difficult People”).

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