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Will Smith’s family was not reacting to Miley Cyrus’ VMA performance

(Credit: Twitter) This photo of the Smith family was captured during Lady Gaga’s performance, not Miley Cyrus’ as was widely reported. Credit: Twitter

UPDATE: As shocking as Miley Cyrus’ performance was, it turns out that the Smiths were not reacting to her twerking and gyrating when this image was captured on MTV’s Audience Cam.

Upon review of the video, the facial expressions were actually caught during Lady Gaga’s performance. Willow’s open mouth is caused by gum chewing, and instead of gasping, mom Jada is just scratching her nose.

Metro’s original story is below.

While some audience members looked disinterested, or possibly just embarrassed, by Miley Cyrus’ wild VMA performance on Sunday night, others were in complete and utter shock.

This photo of Will Smith’s family that hit Twitter last night says it all. All four members of the Smith family look horrified.

It’s not clear at which specific moment of the performance the image was captured, but there were plenty of jaw-dropping moments. Cyrus danced around in corset, stripped down to a nude bikini and got down and dirty with a foam finger. Find out more about the performance and watch it here.

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