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Will there be a ‘Blockers 2’? Here’s what John Cena told us

John Cena talks Blockers 2

When a comedy is successful there is always a good chance that it will be followed by a sequel. 


So the fact that “Blockers” has already amassed a score of 83% on Rotten Tomatoes, cost just $21 million to make, and its director Kay Cannon wrote all three installments to the “Pitch Perfect” franchise suggests that a follow-up could quickly be greenlit if it is triumphant at the box office. 


One person who is very much open to a “Blockers” sequel already is John Cena, who stars as one of the paranoid fathers in the comedy. I recently had the chance to speak to the WWE star/actor and he admitted that he would definitely be interested in returning for “Blockers 2,” mostly because he learnt during his wrestling days to “listen to my audience.”


“I am an entertainer by trade,” Cena explained. “And I have learned to listen to my audience. If people go out in droves to see this movie and are entertained and they want another one, I know my consumer and am responsible enough to go, ‘Yeah, let’s do this’.”


“If that’s not on the cards that’s not on the cards. But at this point it is out of my hands. It is literally up to the ticker buyer.”


During out chat Cena also opened up about various alternate endings to “Blockers,” admitting that this is something he has experienced on almost all of his movies. 


“This happened with a few movies. It happened with ‘The Wall.’ This had a few endings. ‘Ferdinand’ had a different ending. It has almost happened with all the films that I have worked on.”


“They just go a few different ways. Because you never know how audiences are going to react to an ending. Studios like to hedge their bets and have different options.”


It was the same with “Blockers,” too. Although Cena refused to actually reveal any of the alternate endings. 


“They had different ways to wrap the story up. And to be perfectly honest. None of them were even as close to as entertaining as what we did.”


“I think we made the right choice. It really buttons everything up nice and I think it is the end of a special journey. I wouldn’t have wanted them to air any of the other endings.”


You can find out what the ending to “Blockers” is now, as the film is finally in cinemas. 


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