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Will there be a second season of ‘Baked’? Here’s what Tom Papa told us

Tom Papa talks Baked
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Tom Papa has revealed his hopes and plans to make a second season of Baked.

But Papa admitted to me that even if Food Network doesn’t greenlight a follow-up batch of episodes he will still be out trying to find the world’s best baked goods, as it now rivals his fervor for stand-up comedy. 

“Oh yeah, yeah, 100%,” was Papa’s response when I recently had the chance to quiz him about Baked and whether a second season would be made. 

“I would love to keep going with it for sure. And whether we get to make more TV shows or not I will still be doing it.”

But while “Baked” is still in its infancy, Papa’s passion for the show is so deep in his bones that he has already dreamed up what future seasons might entail. 

“My whole plan is to do this whole show so I can get over to Europe,” Papa candidly admitted during our discussion.”

“I was like this is going to be really fun and it is so cool to be in this country and see Middle Eastern people in Detroit, Polish and Italian people in Cleveland, and all these people that brought their recipes.”

“But it’s like, well, wouldn’t that be good in season 5, if the country they actually made that food to begin with.”

As part of his quest to find the best baked goods in America, Papa visits New Orleans, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Detroit, New York, Cleveland, while they also made an entire episode in his home state of New Jersey, too. 

The first episodes of “Baked actually premiered last night on Monday September 3, but the 7 remaining installments will air at 10pm EST every Monday on the Food Network. You should also stay glued to Tom Papa’s social media accounts for the latest and greatest baked goods he comes across. 

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