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Will there be a ‘Sicario 3’? Here is what its writer and director told us

Josh Brolin in Sicario: Day Of The Soldado

Sicario: Day Of The Soldado’s writer Taylor Sheridan and its director Stefano Sollima have teased a third film in the franchise, with both admitting that tentative discussions have been held about it. 

During our recent chat I asked Sollima about the chances of “Sicario 3,” to which he responded, “I don’t know really. I think Taylor is already thinking on it. But I don’t have any specifics.”

“But in his mind he is already working on it. I think this is a good question that you should ask to Taylor.”

Luckily I had the chance to ask Taylor that very question about “Sicario 3,” too, when I spoke to him about “Yellowstone,” the television show that he has created, written and directed.

“There have been conversations about a third film. I haven’t written it. I have been pretty busy. If there’s still story to be told, I don’t want to ever make a movie just to make a movie. There has to be a reason.”

“There have to be issues to explore, or characters to explore, or worlds worthy of examination, and that will be fun to see if there is more to mine.”

Earlier in our chat, Sollima also admitted that when he originally signed up to direct “Sicario: Day Of The Soldado” he was told that there would be three films in the franchise. 

“For me and the producers, the idea was to create a trilogy of movies related by just some characters and essentially the world. So for me it was really important to be sure to make a movie respectful of the other chapter, but create an experience that was unique and original and that is what I think we did.”

But if there is to be a third “Sicario” film expect it to feel just as different to the “Day Of The Soldado” as it did to the 2015 original.  

“I wanted to create a unique experience that goes just beyond making a sequel. As you know, ‘Sicario’ was really well received by the critics. But it wasn’t ‘Fast And Furious.’ So the idea of the producer was a little bit smarter to make a sequel of a successful movie.”

“To do this kind of sequel that is not really a sequel but more of a stand alone movie but in the same world was one of the reasons why I accepted it.”

“The original idea of Taylor Sheridan was to create three stories that are linked by the same characters, not all the characters, just some, set-up in the same world. I think it was part of the idea to put together a new crew with its own specifics that was of course different from the first one.”

“This was to guarantee that the movie was another experience, with some of the same characters, but it is a stand-alone movie, so that was the process.”

“‘Soldado’ is a really smart and unusual kind of sequel. Because in a way it is not a sequel at all. So it is really smart. So for sure he is going to create something smart again.” 

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