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Will there be a Wayne season 2 on YouTube Premium?

Wayne season 2 YouTube Premium John Wick

Things are looking pretty good for YouTube’s new action-comedy series Wayne. The series has received rave reviews from critics and has already amassed more than 10 million views for its first episode, which means fans are clearly digging the show. But will there be a Wayne season 2 on YouTube Premium? Here’s what you need to know.

Will there be a Wayne season 2 on YouTube Premium?

Wayne season 2 YouTube Premium John Wick

While there’s been no official word yet as to whether a Wayne season 2 is in the works, creator Shawn Simmons seems pretty confident that we’ll get to see more of Mark McKenna’s Wayne kicking butt and taking names.

Prior to the series’ debut in January, Simmons revealed to Metro that the show was “tracking really well” ahead of its premiere and that it was drawing in suscribers who were intrigued by Wayne and wanted to see more.

“We have a lot of clues that this is something that’s going to be a real deal thing,” Simmons said.

Should a Wayne season 2 get the green light, Simmons already knows where he’s going to take the story. 

“Season 2, I know where it’s going, I know where it’s going to end up,” Simmons said. “I actually wrote the last scene of the series two months ago, just isolated. I can say that we will be back in Brockton, we’re going to stay in Brockton, because I’d like to get back to those people and the town that I love.”

Aside from a return to his hometown, Simmons revealed that the story for a possible Wayne season 2 will have more of a John Wick influence to it.

“Season 1 was the Death Wish season, got to get what’s mine, get it back thing,” Simmons said. “Season 2 is the John Wick season, because it’s about a kid trying to go straight. John Wick was trying to go straight, gets pulled back in.”

Simmons also gave away some spoilers for a possible Wayne season 2, admitting that Wayne will end up living with Mike O’Malley’s Principal Cole should the show return for another stint on YouTube Premium. The new dynamic will draw some comedic inspiration from Simmons’ childhood too.

“It’s funny, I had this whole scene I had worked out for season 2 about you know, my dad had this squirrel problem down the Cape where squirrels kept coming and eating our towels on our porch,” Simmons said. “I will say that Wayne is going to live with Principal Cole in season 2, which is a super fun pairing, because he has nobody.”

“At one point, I was writing Wayne solving Principal Cole’s squirrel problem, and people were so testy about hurting animals,” Simmons added. “There was one version where I had this ridiculous, we cut to all of these squirrels dead in the yard, he’s like a dog, he’s like Cole’s dog who got the squirrels, but then you realize that people would rather you kill a person.”

Overall, a Wayne season 2 will focus on the main character trying to lead a normal life and finding his place in the world.

“But it’s a season about him trying to be a normal kid and go straight in season 2,” Simmons said. “He weirdly affects a lot of people’s lives for the better, from Principal Cole’s to the Sgt. Geller to Del to everybody, he really is out there.”

And if they are lucky enough to do a Wayne season 3, Simmons knows how that will pan out as well, hinting that Wayne may meet his brother and find justice for his late father.

“It’s Erin Brockovich meets Jack Reacher,” Simmons said. “It’s the conspiracy thriller season.”

Wayne season 1 is now on YouTube Premium. Watch episode 1 below.