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Will there be an ‘Equalizer 3’? Here’s what director Antoine Fuqua told us

Denzel Washington in The Equalizer 2

No-one expected The Equalizer 2 to do so well at the box office when it was released last week.

While the 2014 original grossed $34.1 million on its opening weekend, “The Equalizer 2’s” average reviews and the fact it was being released against both “Mamma Mia! Here We Again” and “Unfriended: Dark Web” meant the follow-up had stern competition when it came to matching that amount.

But not only did “The Equalizer 2” do just that, it actually surpassed the sum, amassing $35.8 million. As a result, “The Equalizer 2” is now expected to challenge its predecessor’s gross of $192.3 million, and if it does just that then there’s a good chance a third film will follow.

Especially as its production costs were in the same region as “The Equalizer.”

I recently had the chance to speak to Antoine Fuqua, who directed both “The Equalizer” and “The Equalizer 2,” during which time I asked him about the chances of there being an ”Equalizer 3.” And Fuqua didn’t waste any time registering his interest.  

“It would be nice to explore, not only as a director, but it really comes down to how it does at the box office.”

“And obviously if there is a script that moves us that way. It really comes down to the script, and if it does well at the box office.”

“If it does well, and the audience really seems to enjoy the character and the writer Richard can write something that we can explore more areas that haven’t been explored, like he is living in Europe or something, that would be fun.”

The Richard that Fuqua mentioned is Richard Wenk, who previously scribed both “Jack Reacher” films for Tom Cruise, the remake of “The Magnificent Seven,” as well as both “Equalizer” films.

Considering just how well “The Equalizer 2” has done over the last week, there’s a very good chance that a third entry to the franchise will be added to his CV in the very near future, too.

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