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Wine and cats? Yes! National Drink Wine Day falls on a Caturday


It’s National Drink Wine Day and Caturday aka the greatest day in many of our lives aka every Saturday of our lives, but on Feb. 18, it is our duty as cat and wine lovers to celebrate right by inviting our feline friends for a glass of meow-lot.

As responsible pet owners, we know that alcohol is deadly to our furry Netflix-and-chill buds, but companies like Apollo Peak and Pet Winery are letting fluffy get in on the fun in a cat-safe way.

Apollo Peak offers Caternet, Pinot Meow, White Kittenddel and a Meowtini. Pet Winery offers Meow & Chandon, Purrgundy, Meowsling and a Catini. All the beverages are essentially a mix of water and cat nip.

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Apollo Peak, which emerged on the scene in 2015, claims to produce “the original cat wine” while Pet Winery has cropped up as Apollo Peak’s newest competitor.

Brandon Zavala, the chief executive of Apollo Peak, said he “spawned the idea of wine for cats out of nowhere.”

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“A pet is more like a friend, a roommate or a family member,” Zavala told The New York Times. “Why are we just feeding them water?”

While Zavala said he thinks Pet Winery “cloned” his company’s recipes, Taryn Nahm, who founded Pet Winery in July 2016 with Kai Pfretzschner, told The New York Times that “Apollo Peak doesn’t get to own the market.

Besides, her company has its own recipes and “did salmon oil with catnip.”

Picky up and cheers to a purr-fect Saturday.

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