Winterize your home – Metro US

Winterize your home

We asked some experts for the most cost-effective ways to make sure your home is set for the harsh conditions ahead. These tips are guaranteed to save money on your home energy bill, too.

1 Jen King, spokesperson for Home Depot says, “If you don’t have energy-efficient windows, you’re actually losing hot air through the panes.” Her recommendation: window insulation kits. “It looks like plastic wrap which goes around your window,” she explains. “You cut the sheets to the size of the window and use a hair-dryer to adhere it to the glass. Once it adheres ,you’re going to save $17 per window per year on your energy bill.”

2 “Use nontoxic antifreeze on plumbing systems,” advises HGTVPro spokesperson Ed del Grande. “Always pour the nontoxic antifreeze into your plumbing fixtures to prevent freezing.”

3 “Install a programmable thermostat,” says King. “If you work all day, you don’t want to heat your home when you’re not there. Set the thermostat so it starts heating the house up a half hour before you get home. It probably saves about $100 a year.” She adds, “A lot of them are even helpful for during the summer.”

4 “If there’s one thing you’re going to do this winter, adding insulation to the walls and ceilings of the attic is probably the biggest bang for your buck,” says Lou Manfredini, home improvement expert for Marvin Windows and Doors. “That’s one of those things that will qualify you for the Energy Tax Credit, which expires on Dec. 31. You can get a tax credit of 30 percent and a maximum of $1,500.”