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With television behind them, Trailer Park Boys plot their future

Their show is over, but the Trailer Park Boys still have plans – big plans.

With their final movie set for release, the boys sat in a Delta Halifax hotel room Thursday and, in full-character, discussed what is coming next.

Bubbles, a.k.a. Mike Smith, is toying with the idea of running for prime minister at his friends’ urging.

“I think you should do it. But do you gotta wear court clothes every day?” asked Julian, also known as John Paul Tremblay.

“No, you see I would just change the rules, Julian,” replied Bubbles. “Rule No. 1 as Bubbles Prime Minister: wear whatever the f— you want to work.”

“One good thing to get a lot of people to vote for you would be if you get in a bar fight, only the loser should go to jail,” offered Ricky, or Robb Wells.

The campaign kicked off a few hours later when the boys crashed the opening of the fall sitting of the Nova Scotia legislature. Lacking any form of invitation, security didn’t let them get close to Premier Darrell Dexter.

Then Thursday evening their movie, Trailer Park Boys: Countdown to Liquor Day, enjoyed its world premiere at the kick-off to the 29th Atlantic Film Festival. The movie features a bank robbery, an SPCA break-in and a high-speed chase while characters urinate on each other from separate cars.

The movie also marks the final chapter of the Trailer Park Boys franchise. Julian may return to television, but when he said he wanted to star on the show Mantracker the others boys didn’t quite understand.

“Julian wants to work for a phone sex line called Mantracker!” remarked Bubbles.

“No, it’s that dude on the horse who tries to capture you before you get to the end,” Julian protested.

“What does he do when he catches you?” asked Ricky.

“Nothing. You lose,” Julian replied.

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