Woman, 77, used sex to dupe 79-year-old lover out of $4 million

A 77 year old woman used her feminine wiles to dupe a lover A 77-year-old woman used her feminine wiles to bilk a lover out of millions.

A 77-year-old Japanese woman must repay nearly $4 million to her 79-year-old lover after she used her feminine wiles to fleece him, a court has ruled.

Smitten by the woman, the man sold property and land to pay for luxury holidays, gifts and stays in leading hotels, the court in Shizouka, central Japan, heard. He also bought her a luxury condominium.

In return she agreed to stay in hotels with him for sex and romantic evenings, the court heard. She enticed him by agreeing to strip naked and asked him to bathe her.

The man, who has not been named, claimed the cash amounts were loans and not gifts. He thought the money would be repaid, he said.

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