Woman recreates the hilarious reality of when husbands go grocery shopping – Metro US

Woman recreates the hilarious reality of when husbands go grocery shopping

When husbands go grocery shopping

From turning into helpless babies when they’re sick to being challenged by a task as easy as sorting laundry, men taking on duties traditionally known as “women’s work” has been exasperating their partners probably since the beginning of time.

One beleaguered wife, Deva Dalporto, has been sharing her such experiences with her “life-sucking husband” and “two adorable life suckers” for the past few years on her aptly named blog, My Life Suckers.

And having garnered millions of views ever since, her hilarious parody videos only prove she is far from alone.

Her latest, “When Husbands Go Grocery Shopping,” is no different, with more than 342,000 views on Facebook alone since being posted March 28.

In the video, Dalporto relays actual phone conversations she’s had with her husband while he tries to navigate the treacherous and daunting world of The Grocery Store all by his lonesome.

She begins the video by explaining that her husband is an MIT-educated nuclear engineer whose “IQ plummets 100 points” the moment he enters the supermarket solo.

“He acts like he’s suddenly in a maze, with the lights out, blindfolded,” she said.

After Dalporto explains what a chicken cutlet is, she then has to give him step-by-step directions to the meat department, telling him to “go past the peanut butter, past the spices.”

She also shares a photo her husband sent her of a bruised pear he actually brought home — three hours later sans “any staples” but with “bags and bags of snacks and beer.”

“I think it’s a massive conspiracy that the men of the world are playing on us women,” Dalporto concludes, and anyone who has had a similar experience with their partner just might agree.