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Woman searches for refund after abrupt salon closure

The mysterious closure of a northwest tanning salon has left a Calgary woman in the dark.

Stacey Flagler alleges she’s been led on a wild goose chase to get a refund for more than $200 worth of tanning minutes she hasn’t been able to use since last month, after Bermuda Beach Tanning at 11245 Valley Ridge Dr. NW closed without notice.

“They told me to use my minutes at the Okotoks location, but that has since been shut down, too. I have been asking for my money back, but they keep giving me excuses,” Flagler said.

According to information obtained by Metro, one of the proprietors of Bermuda Beach Tanning is Shayne Lorne Malsbury.

Further investigation into Malsbury’s business history shows the Alberta Securities Commission (ASC) imposed a 20-year securities trading ban in July 2009, since it alleges Malsbury Investment Corporation Securities and Shayne Malsbury illegally raised approximately $12 million from 171 Alberta investors. This was confirmed by ASC spokesperson Tamera Van Brunt.

There is no connection between the tanning salon and the securities ban.

Flagler said Bermuda Beach Tanning contacted her via email earlier this week after she threatened legal action against them — but she believes she is being misled.

“They said they were going to open a new salon and honour the minutes, but I find that hard to believe. I just want my money back,” she said.

Service Alberta spokesperson Mike Berezowsky said anyone with concerns about the business practices of the tanning salon can contact them and an investigation can be launched.

“Sometimes businesses succumb, and there isn’t a lot we can do unless they were taking money when they knew they couldn’t fulfil the business,” Berezowsky said.
Attempts to reach the salon owners went unanswered.

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