Woman stole $400,000, a Mercedes convertible from elderly men in NYC: DA – Metro US

Woman stole $400,000, a Mercedes convertible from elderly men in NYC: DA

Woman stole $400,000, a Mercedes convertible from elderly men in NYC: DA

A 44-year-old woman has been indicted for swindling three elderly New Yorkmenof more than $400,000.

Mary Evans faces charges that include second-degree grand larceny, first-degree scheming to defraud and first-degree endangering the welfare of an incompetent or physically disabled person, according to ManhattanDistrict Attorney Cyrus Vance.

“Companionship came at a high price for the elderly victims in this case,” Vance said in a statement. “The defendant is accused of systematically preying on men three decades older than her and stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings from them, which she allegedly used go on shopping sprees at Victoria’s Secret and Macy’s.”

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“And it didn’t stop with cash,” Vance added. Evans is “also accused of tricking one victim into buying her a Mercedes convertible.”

Authoritiesallege Evans met her victims in public places and pretended to know them. She laterconvinced the men to loan her money, claiming to need it for schooling, and pretending to have been the victim of abuse, prosecutors said.

From her first victim, a 77-year-old retired MTA employee, she took $130,000 and a Mercedes convertible.

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From her second, an 81-year-old man who had worked as a musical director at a church, she stole $53,000.

She obtained a marriage license with the third — who was a 73-year-old retired college professor suffering from dementia—prosecutors allege. When she tried to take out $225,000 from the professor’s retirement fund, authorities were alerted to her alleged misdeeds.

Anyone who may have been the victim of this type of fraud or knows someone who may have been, should call the Manhattan DA office’s Elder Abuse Hotline at 212-335-9007.