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Woman sues Yankees for electric shock

A Brooklyn woman is suing the Yankees after she said she was shocked so badly during a home game at the stadium that she needed to be hospitalized.

Portia Walton, 54, went to the ballpark to watch the Yankees take on the Minnesota Twins on April 4, according to her attorney Les Levine. Walton was sitting outside the Hard Rock Cafe at the stadium when she put her foot down on a metal hatch on the sidewalk, which had an extension cord sticking out of it that powered outdoor lights, Levine said.

Walton said she felt an electric surge and then heard crackling.

“I felt tingling on my ankles,” she told the New York Post. “I was saying, ‘Oh my God! Oh my God!’”

Walton was treated by stadium aids. But because she continued to feel intense headaches, she was taken to a nearby hospital.

Walton claims the headaches, memory loss and tingling persist, said Levine. She is suing the Yankees and Hard Rock Cafe for $2 million.

“A woman [on April 4] alleged that she got a shock,” Yankees spokeswoman Alice McGillion told the Post. “We insisted that she go to the hospital. And as far as we know, she was treated and released.”

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