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Women notice bad ‘dos

OK guys. What part of you do you think women notice first?

Duh! Your hair, of course!

A recent study by AXE in the U.S. reveals that 74 per cent of women notice hair as the number one feature when looking at a guy. But men have their heads in the sand. Only 29 per cent of guys think that hair is an important factor in attracting women.

The survey, which polled 2,000 American women, found all kinds of ways bad hair may be leaving guys stranded:

• Almost half (44 per cent) of female respondents are unlikely to date a guy with bad hair.

• 62 per cent of women are unlikely to take a guy with a bad coiff home at the end of the evening.

• 62 per cent of women find dirty or greasy hair repulsive.

• 43 per cent of women surveyed strongly agree that hard, crusty, over-gelled hair can be a real turn-off.

Why do guys have bad hair? Sixty-three per cent of women attribute it to laziness.

AXE sells many hair products for guys: shampoo, conditioner, paste, putty, pomade and cream, but not gel. Why? “Because a lot of guys use it — and the results are definitely not girl-approved!” says an AXE statement. The gelmet is dead!

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