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Women share ‘Pillowtalk’ as post-#MeToo re-empowerment

Sex is fun. It should be fun. But it seems that everywhere we turn recently, we’re met with more stories of people who have been sexually harassed or assaulted by men in power. Stories of the vulnerable and victimized shared with the hashtags #MeToo or #MeAt14 have overtaken social media, but one sex toy company wants to wash the dirt off of sex and vulnerability and put the power back in the hands of those who deserve it.

Emotional and physical intimacy naturally open us up to judgment, by others or even by ourselves, but let’s love us, care for one another, take charge of our bodies and with whom we share it. Enter Dame Products’ “Pillowtalk” campaign.

“The Pillowtalk Project was inspired by realizing that the only way we can develop quality toys for sex is to truly listen to peoples’ emotional and physiological needs,” CEO of Dame, Alex Fine, told us. “One key element to really getting in touch with these needs is allowing ourselves to be vulnerable.”

Pillowtalk Project - Dame Products - Eva II

Pillow talk is that chit-chat you make with a special someone after intimacy. Whether you are holding each other and whispering sweet nothings or sharing the highlights of your day, it’s “a wonderful example of a time at which humans feel particularly comfortable being vulnerable and sharing more personal details that can ultimately lead to some pretty substantial growth —both personally and as couples,” Fine added.

Dame is inviting people to check out their interactive platform on Thursday and share their favorite pillow talk moment. The campaign launches at 9 a.m. in conjunction with Dame’s new product, Eva II.

Pillow Talk Project - Dame Products - Eva II

“We want to create a safe space for individuals to share intimate narratives,” Fine said. “To help us all learn from each other’s experience, to help us be better partners, better lovers and ultimately happier humans.”

With public pillow talk, Dame said it’s aiming to “make the world a happier place one vagina at a time.”

Before asking you to show yours, we thought it only fair that Fine and CTO of Dame Janet Lieberman show you theirs!

So, ladies, what’s your favorite thing that has been said to you in an intimate moment?

Pillowtalk Project - Dame Products - Alex Fine

“I think of myself as an extrovert, but I’d prefer to keep my most powerful stories as anonymous posts on the platform. That said, one that I feel comfortable sharing in a public forum is something that my partner said to me after sex once. He said ‘You smell real.’ We had worked up a bit of a sweat during sex, and I smelled ‘real,’ and he was into it. It was an empowering moment for me. I felt loved.”

— Fine

Pillowtalk Project - Dame Products - Janet Lieberman

“In college, I’d agreed to take part in a charity calendar. I was feeling a little nervous — I liked my body, but I’ve always been curvy, which comes with stretch marks and cellulite. The night before my shoot, the guy I’d just started seeing said, ‘You should thank God every day for your breasts.’  It was completely unprompted and so random and over the top, I had to laugh. But he insisted he was completely serious. I went into the next day’s shoot feeling completely confident that there was nothing on me to be ashamed of.”

— Lieberman

“These pillow talk moments are moments where we cultivate our compassion for one another — which is something we really need now more than ever,” Fine continued. “I believe we need to take a light and shine it on things that happen in the dark…. show what positive intimacy looks like and, through doing so, grant others the permission they may be seeking to feel more comfortable tapping into these thoughts and sentiments more regularly.”

What’s your favorite pillow talk moment? Share it on the Pillowtalk Project site and bask in unity with your sisters, you boss babe.