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Women stay busy while waiting

So what if men have to wait around for us women while we shop or get dressed? That’s the summation of a recent British survey — as if it’s a big surprise. The researchers calculated that men waste just more than a year of their lives hanging around waiting for their female partners.

So … are we supposed to feel bad for these guys?

The survey went on to say that waiting around drove most of the guys bonkers, led to arguments with their partners, and, in some cases, the ultimate demise of the relationship.


If a man can’t stand to wait around while his partner goes shopping, then he shouldn’t join her on her outings. It’s that simple. If her shopping follows on the heels of a lunch date, then leave her to peruse her store, and go do something productive — such as sitting on a bench and reading the paper.

The flip side is that women don’t bitch about their men’s shopping as wasted time because they are a) either helping their men choose the clothes, or b) shopping for themselves in another section of the store or mall. In other words, when women do it, it’s time well spent.

When it comes to getting ready for a night out, my husband has it all sorted. He gives me about a half-hour head start and continues on with whatever he was doing, or he gets ready and then finds something to do, whether that’s chilling out in front of the TV, or getting the children to bed.

Generally, guys who get ready, then sit around twiddling their thumbs and complaining about it, are both unresourceful and poor at time management.

Again, if you tried to see the flip side, women would just look at you wide-eyed — who has time to sit around doing nothing?

It’s not that we don’t ever wait for our men — we do. We wait for them to come home after work, to pick us up for a date, to join us in an evening out with friends. The difference is, although we still may complain, women don’t tend to simply stare out the window, waiting quietly.

We get busy.

If it’s dinner with the family — we may start without them; a night on the town — we’ll begin socializing; and if they’re late for a date — well, we may just change our whole outfit, including hair, makeup and accessories!

But nothing, no, nothing can compare to the wait that many women have to deal with when it comes to the bigger things in life. So very often it’s the woman who is ready to take the next step in her relationship, and just as often, a sense of tradition prevails, and she is forced to wait for her man to step up his game.

No amount of waiting for a woman’s shoe shopping can ever compare to the long, anxious wait for your man to pop the big question.


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