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Woollens want cleaning

My mother says I need to wash woollens for the winter. Is this true? I’ve never washed my kids’ woollens or any woollens for that matter. – Surprised Mom

Dear Surprised Mom,

Wool gloves, scarves and leg warmers all need to be cleaned on a regular basis. Remember anything we touch and use gets dirty from the natural oils and dirt on our hands and in the air around us.

Not to mention everything these garments come into contact with like the school bus, grocery store carts and school hallways.

So how to clean them? Well if you have a front loading washing machine you most likely have a specific cycle that will allow you to safely launder wool garments. Note that top loaders will not always work as the centre agitator will damage the wool.

Remember to use half the amount of recommended soap, as you can always add more soap in a second cleaning but too much soap is hard to get out of the garment. Once washed, put the garment flat out on a towel and let them dry naturally. Do not put them in the dryer, ever!

Now for those of you without a front loading machine, you can still easily wash these by hand with products such as Woolight® in a laundry bin. Just follow the label directions. You will be shocked at what you see come out of these garments and once washed they will be fresh and clean-smelling.

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