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World of thrills

There isn’t much that can upstage an actor like Clive Owen. After all, the English star has stolen scenes from the likes of Denzel Washington and Michael Caine; but in his latest movie, it may be the location of a pivotal scene that’s getting all the attention.

Directed by Tom Tykwer (Run Lola Run), The International — in theatres next Friday — stars Owen as Interpol agent Louis Salinger, a man obsessed with taking down a notorious multinational bank that deals in financing terror.

The crusade not only puts his life at risk, it takes him from Berlin to Milan to Istanbul. But of all the exotic countries where the film is set — the scene that truly stands out is a shoot-out at the Guggenheim Museum in Manhattan.

“I think its one of the most brilliantly realized scenes I’ve ever been involved in,” said Owen during a recent interview. “The fear I suppose, is that when you’re doing a huge shoot-out like that, that you want it in keeping with the rest of the film which is very believable.”

That may have been harder than you realize. After all, although Owen and company actually shot in Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar amongst thousands of actual market-goers, the Guggenheim was reconstructed as a set in Germany.

“(Tom) did a brilliant job in making it wildly entertaining but also you completely buy it — the scene is in keeping with the rest of the film.”

The movie did shoot in other areas of New York however, truly making it an international thriller. Not only are the Manhattan scenes the movie’s most enduring for audiences, but as it turns out, the Big Apple may be Owen’s favorite locale as well.

“New York is hugely exciting because it attracts interesting people from all over the world and it’s always got a very amazing, particular energy,” said the London resident. “I’ve spent a long time (there), I’ve shot whole movies (there) and I never ever get bored of coming back. It’s an amazing city.”

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