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Would you like fries with that Aquabus?

Vancouver’s rainbow-clad Aquabuses have gone green and greasy.

Aquabus, which ferries tourists and commuters to various docks along False Creek, has begun using biodiesel in seven of its 11 vessels.

The biodiesel is a mix of diesel and refined vegetable oil that has been collected from various eateries on Granville Island. In a roundabout way, it means the tourists riding Aquabus could also be powering it.

Jody Collins, manager of operation for Aquabus, said the company is looking at different ways of reducing emissions.

“We wanted to do our part,” Collins said.

Aquabus began looking at using biodiesel this winter, but found the cold weather “clouded” the mixture, clogging fuel filters.

The vessels settled on a 20 per cent vegetable oil mix, increasing to 50 per cent as it warmed.


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