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Yankees are worthy of world series title, their fans are not

A-Rod isn’t a choker. Charlie Manuel isn’t always an idiot savant — sometimes he’s just an idiot (see pitching to A-Rod in a tie game in the ninth inning of Game 4). And the Yankees dominate in spite of their fans. As long as we’re shattering ridiculous myths this postseason, the last point can no longer be ignored.

These Yankees boast a 63-25 record at the house that the taxpayers built. That includes a 6-1 mark in the playoffs, and the fans have virtually nothing to do with it. In fact, Stephon Marbury has more impact on the Knicks in his brief Garden appearances than the 50,000 who stroll by the pinstriped Hard Rock Cafe.

Watching the first two games of the World Series from the center-field bleachers showed that intimidating Yankee crowds are now as much of a fantasy as Steve Phillips’ belief that he’s the modern day Don Draper.

Sitting under the Delta sign debunks any press box-advanced notion that the “magic” has moved down the street.

Calling the scene reserved is like saying that Eli Manning’s been a little off since that heel injury. During Game 2, fans screaming out, “Who’s Your Daddy!” at Pedro were greeted by many, many puzzled looks.

“You don’t even know what I’m talking about, do you?” one frustrated bleacher dweller finally shouted.

Think the Phillies are intimidated by this? Think again. It’s no surprise the Yankees’ bats seemed more inspired in Citizens Bank Park. Real madness can work both ways.

It’s not all a bad thing that Yankee Stadium is now a sanctity of sanity. Phillie fans easily mingled in the Yankee bleachers, in no danger of being confronted by a drunk for their Utley jerseys. Kids didn’t have to wonder who was supervising the adults.

Arguing the 2009 crowds are as boisterous and animated as the fans who witnessed the Bombers’ last championship just flat out won’t fly.

“You’re in the Bronx!” a guy in a teamsters jacket yelled.

Not really. Inside the columns of Steinbrenner souvenirs and overpriced beverages, the real Bronx is almost as far away as Afghanistan. The Phillies have lunatics, the death in the stadium parking lot and foaming passion.

The Yankees will just have to settle for the title.

Face it Yankee fans, you’re classier — and quieter — than you want to admit.

– Chris Baldwin covers the sports media for Metro.

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