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Year-long investigation leads to major bust

Jimmy Melvin Jr. will sleep a little better after police put a major hurt on his alleged rivals Thursday.

A year-long undercover operation led to 13 arrests for drugs and firearms yesterday morning.

Seven search warrants for six HRM addresses and a New Glasgow residence were executed.

Three of the 13 will also face charges in relation to the recent violence that erupted after Melvin was released from custody in November.

Two other people were arrested yesterday in relation to two shootings: at the IWK hospital on Nov. 18 and behind a Cowie Hill apartment building on Dec. 4.

“We allege these people have been involved in numerous violent incidents in our community over the last several months,” said Halifax Regional Police Chief Frank Beazley at the briefing press conference Thursday.

Although he said the arrests involved only one side of a drug war, Beazley and RCMP Assistant Commissioner Steve Graham wouldn’t outright name the group.

But when asked if Melvin will sleep better, Beazley said “I would hope so.”

“We’ve significantly hurt this group of people,” Beazley said. “The justice system will do the rest of the work.”

The accused will appear in Halifax provincial court Friday.

Three men between 23 and 26-years-old will face charges of conspiracy to commit murder, attempted murder and aiding and abetting a crime as well as a charge of counseling someone to commit an offense in relation to the IWK shooting.

Melvin was shot behind a Cowie Hill apartment building on Dec. 4. Two of the men charged in the IWK shooting also face charges related to the Cowie Hill shooting.

Another man, who is currently behind bars, will face charges of being an accessory to the crime after the fact.

Police are still searching for a fourth man in relation to this shooting.

The breakdown

• A year-long operation involving both the RCMP and Halifax Regional Police, including undercover officers.
• This operation was aided by another investigation launched in November when police promised ‘unprecedented measures’ to end the violence.


• Drugs and money
• Loaded AK-47 assault rifle
• Loaded sawed-off shot gun
• Automatic pistol
• 22-calibre rifle
• Ammunition


• 13 people arrested for trafficking of cocaine, ecstasy, marijuana as well as firearms offenses.
• Three of the 13 people arrested will face additional charges relating to the shootings outside the IWK children’s hospital and behind a Cowie Hill apartment building.
• Two other people were arrested in relation to the shootings.


• The around-the-clock surveillance of the Melvin family will continue.
• Further charges could still be coming.


• Jimmy Melvin Jr. was in court yesterday where he was given permission to leave the province for work. He is facing several charges before the courts.


“Today’s arrests illustrate that we have significantly disrupted a large-scale drug operation functioning throughout the province,” said RCMP Assistant Commissioner Steve Graham.

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