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You can ride Blue Bikes for free this Saturday

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If you haven’t yet noticed, Blue Bikes are in Boston, and if you haven’t yet tried the rideshare service out, here’s your chance to ride a Blue Bike for free.

Back in May, the Hubway bikeshare system became Blue Bikes after Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts partnered up with Motivate, the Metropolitan Area Planning Council and the municipalities of Boston, Cambridge, Brookline and Somerville. 

There are actually two Blue Bikes promotions for August so you can get a free bike ride whether it’s your first time trying out the bikeshare service or not. 

Blue Bikes free ride: What you need to know

Blue Bikes will be free for all riders on Saturday, Aug. 4 as part of a partnership with noosa yoghurt.

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“If you have not yet experienced Blue Bikes, this Saturday’s free ride day is your perfect chance to do so,” said Katie O’Connor, Blue Bikes general manager, in a statement. “We’re hoping for great weather this weekend and are thankful to noosa yoghurt for giving riders in the Boston area the opportunity to hop on a bike — at no cost — before the summer’s out.” 

In order to get a free ride on Saturday, you can get a free pass on the Blue Bikes app. Choose the explorer pass on Aug. 4 for unlimited rides anywhere in the Boston, Cambridge, Somerville and Brookline service area. And, it gets even better: you can use the bikes for up to two hours at a time. 

Since May, riders have taken more than 7 million Blue Bike rides, according to the company. Residents will also see even more of the bikeshares becoming available, as well, with nearly 80 new stations are added within the four participating areas this year.

If you try out a Blue Bike for free on Saturday and want to take more rides, here’s what you need to know: annual memberships are $99 per year or you can spend $20 for a 30-day pass. The company does offer discounts to income-eligible residents at $5 for a monthly pass or $50 for an annual pass.

If you miss the Blue Bikes free ride day, you still have another chance for a no-cost bike ride. Since Blue Bikes is celebrating the bikeshare’s seventh birthday in August, the company is offering a first ride free all month long to those who have never tried out the service before.

During the month of August, first-time Blue Bike riders  can get a free 30-minute ride by visiting ride.bluebikes.com/firstridefree/ or selecting First Ride Free in the bikeshare app.