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Younger to young: Get out and vote

They are the most informed non-voters in the city.

Grade 9 students from Calgary Science School spent yesterday afternoon rallying post-secondary students to vote in Monday’s municipal election.

Calgary Science School program lead and teacher Neil Stephenson said the students were excited to meet the candidates last week.

“Now, they want to encourage those over 18 to be informed and exercise their democratic rights,” Stephenson said.

Student Madison Wilson, 14, said that even though she and her peers can’t vote they are still very engaged with the candidates and the issues.

“We have been following the issues and the candidates closely. We think Naheed Nenshi has the best ideas, and if we could vote that’s who we’d pick,” she said.

“But we just want to educate people on what we learned and encourage them to vote because we can’t.”

Mount Royal University student Craig Quinn said he was appreciative of the information pamphlets the students were handing out.

“It saves me some time on having to learn who to vote for,” he added.