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Your worst social media nightmares

That moment of excitement whenyou go on Facebook and check your notifications … only to see your mom liking your relationship update. Or when your favorite celebrity follows you on Twitter … but then you realize they follow 10,000 other people. And let’s not forget those people who screenshot your bare-faced, unfiltered Snapchat selfies. Uhh … what are you planning on doing with those!?

The good news isyou’re not alone. We’ve all felt a little awkward after going full Swimfan and liking an Instagram post from 2012. Oops! Luckily, Julia (aka BeautyTakenIn) makes us feel better about our everyday social media problems. Catch her list below:

Twitter Problems

-Someone cool follows you, but then you realize they follow everyone.

-Wanting to tweet a conversation with a friend, but afraid they will know you’re ignoring their texts.

-Realizing you spelled something wrong and wonder if anyone saw your silly mistake.

Facebook Problems

-All of your notifications are of people’s birthdays.

-Scrolling through profiles and thinking, “I need to go out more.”

-You want to go on Facebook, but don’t want anyone to see you’re online and message you.

Tumblr Problems

-Your excuse is always, “I’m studying!” while actually scrolling through pictures.

-Post other people’s pictures, but say you took them.

-Can’t remember if you reblogged a photo from a while back, but do it anyway.

Instagram Problems

-After posting a new pic, you check your comments only to find “f4f” and “c4c”.

-Accidentally liking someone’s picture from years ago.

-Wanting to post a picture, but it doesn’t match your Instagram theme.

Snapchat Problems

-You want to watch a story, but don’t want them toknowyou watched it.

-Getting screenshot notifications from pictures of yourself.

-When someone’s story is so long you can’t even handle finishing it.

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