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Zombies invade city streets

Brides, ballerinas, construction workers, doctors, waitresses, prom queens, football players and even mimes — none were safe from the zombie invasion in Ottawa yesterday.

Hundreds of zombies took to the streets of the nation’s capital, walking — very slowly — and occasionally shouting “Brains!” from the Beechwood Cemetery in Vanier to Parliament Hill for the annual Zombie Walk.

“I adore zombie movies,” said Cory Levesque, 21. Although the Orleans resident had wanted to participate for years, this was the first year he’d made it, dressed as a zombie-fied construction worker.

“I didn’t expect this many people,” said first-timer Rebecca El-Gharib.

Robyn Mulcahy, 31, and Shane Hultquist, 36, arrived dressed as a gorier version of Dorothy and the Scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz.

“It’s good fun,” said Hultquist, who participated in the walk for the fourth time yesterday. “It’s fun to get dressed up and be stupid for a while.”

One of the event’s organizers, Paul Le Blanc, estimated that there were about 750 zombies taking part in the walk yesterday.

“There’s no charity, no reason for doing this. It’s just fun,” said Le Blanc. “It’s a great way to celebrate this time of year.”

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