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Zosia Mamet explains why leaning in is not for her

Zosia Mamet recently made a guest appearance on Zosia Mamet recently made a guest appearance on “Watch What Happens Live.”
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Zosia Mamet is living proof that even if you don’t think you can get a job you’re going for, you should still try.

Along with her three co-stars, Mamet burst onto the scene two years ago with the premiere of the hit HBO show “Girls.” But many fans may be surprised to learn that after auditioning, Mamet was convinced that she would never get the role of Shoshanna.

– to inspire and engender amongst women is the idea that you can make your mark in so many ways. And you should feel good about whatever way that is.

You once wrote a Glamour column about the Lean In movement and how that’s not for you. Can you talk more about that?

I rewatched “Baby Boom,” that Nancy Meyers movie. I’ve been a fan of the film since I was a wee tot, but I hadn’t watched it in a few years as being sort of as an older human. And seeing this character who chose something other than the path that everyone thought she should choose, and how it actually ended up making her happier than she was.

I feel like often women are knocked for making choices that make them happier because they are not necessarily grand choices and I think that is how feminism has become bastardized. I felt very much in the same that you are marking your mark as a women no matter what you do whether you are a CEO or a mother. But it’s just the specific way that you’re doing it, and if you’re doing it with passion and confidence then that’s the most important.

I also heard that once when you were a little kid you heard a bunch of grown ups talk about work and you became really sad about that.

I used to sneak into my parents dinner parties and there was this common theme where people would start bitching near the end of the dinner party because they had to go home because they had to get up for work. They would bitch about work and how they hated their jobs, and I didn’t understand as a kid. You’re given this blank slate, why would you choose to do something that makes you unhappy. If you want to be a painter, be a painter. If you want to be a doctor, go be a doctor, you know? And of course being an adult now I realize that sometimes there are things that keep you from your passion. I just so saddened by it. To me, you should do something you love and are passionate about.

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