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Zumba back to school at Dal

One idea for meeting new people on-campus: shake your booty and go for a world record.

As part of frosh week at Dalhousie University yesterday, organizers encouraged students to come out at noontime and break the Guinness World Record for largest Zumba class.

“Zumba is a really popular form of aerobics class and it’s based on Latin dance. It’s a lot of fun,” explained organizer Shawn Fraser.

“We’re hoping to exceed 720 people in a class.”

Frosh week is all about introducing new students to each other and the campus.

“I’m nervous, but it’s nice getting to know people around here and people who aren’t from here,” said 18-year-old Jessica Thompson from Cole Harbour.

Kelsey Stanger, 18, from Abbotsford, B.C., was among several students who had never Zumba-ed before yesterday.

“I’m not really sure what it is,” she said.

But she jumped into whatever frosh activities she could this week.

“I did the dive-in swim where you go swimming while Finding Nemo plays on the projector screen. We went to this huge dance party and the hypnotist was cool,” she said.

“There’s a lot going on.”

And going to school far, far from home isn’t as scary as she thought it would be.

“There are so many other people from out of province too, so it’s easy to make friends.”

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