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See the self-driving car cruising around the streets of South Boston

Wednesday marked the beginning of nuTonomy's testing of its self-driving car in Boston.
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    Previously, nuTonomy has tested its autonomous vehicles in Singapore.|Derek Kouyoumjian / Metro

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    The self-driving cars will be tested around the Raymond L. Flynn Marine Park in the S|Derek Kouyoumjian / Metro

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    Within the Marine Park, the car will have to navigate among other vehicles, including|Derek Kouyoumjian / Metro

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    Restricting the testing to the Park means that at first, these cars won’t have to h|Derek Kouyoumjian / Metro

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    The company is focusing on one vehicle model for these tests: A Renault Zoe electric |Derek Kouyoumjian / Metro

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    The company's self-driving software grew out of research conducted in MIT labs run by|Derek Kouyoumjian / Metro

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    A nuTonomy engineer will ride along in the car, ready to take over control of the car|Derek Kouyoumjian / Metro

It's official — after a rain delay, a self-driving car is now roving around Boston. While it is a completely autonomous vehicle, an engineer from the Cambridge-based company nuTonomyis sitting behind the wheel ready to take over just in case.

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Here are a few scenes of the car in action as it roves around theRaymond L. Flynn Marine Park in the Seaport district. The 191 acres along the South Boston Waterfront are the perfect playground for the start of the self-driving vehicle tests,Kris Carter, co-chair of the Mayor’s Office of New Urban Mechanics, explained back in November.

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It’s an area that is a little bit less congested and trafficked than other parts of the city, but while still having a road network that is useful to the people testing this technology," he said. "A car that operates there has to contend with other vehicles, buses, pedestrians, cyclists, and deal with those challenges.”


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