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Catherine Hicks would be down with a ‘7th Heaven’ reunion as long as Stephen Collins is dead

'We'd have to open with Stephen's coffin.'

Not quite heaven.

Doug Benc/Getty Images

Following in suit with family sitcom reboots of “Fuller House” and “Girl Meets World,” TMZ caught Catherine Hicks en route from a manicure to ask if “7th Heaven” would get the reunion treatment as well. The actress, who played matriarch Annie Camden on the WB/CW series for 11 seasons, said she’d be down with a series reboot — as long as her husband, Reverend Eric Camden, is dead.

“We’d have to open up with Stephen’s coffin,” she laughs — mayyyybe in reference to co-star Stephen Collins, who fessed up to sexually molesting underaged girls in a recorded 2012 therapy session with his then wife.

Hicks brushed off the decision making process off to the powers that be (“It’s all up to networks, and those types of things”) but makes a suggestion for her character’s new story line. “A new boyfriend for Annie,” she yuks. We like where your mind’s at, Hicks.


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