Happy Valentine's Day, everyone you love will die.

That's the message HBO has for "Game of Thrones" fans with the newest trailer, which dropped on Feb. 14 right as you were hitting the chocolate course. The trailer takes place entirely inside the Hall of Faces, where the skinned faces of the dead are stored until the Faceless Men need a disguise.

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After setting the creepy scene, the camera zooms in on Ned Stark, who was parted from his head at the end of Season 1, then moves through the faces of other characters who have died so far with voiceovers from each one. 

Until it gets to Jon Snow, whose fate is still to be revealed, then Tyrion, whose death would be a stake through what remains of the heart of this show, then practically the entire remaining cast as Jon Snow says, "The long night is coming, and the dead come with it."

Let that sustain you, lovers. The sixth season of "Game of Thrones" premieres April 24.