NY Post sports writer Bart Hubbuch rose from the dead on Twitter Wednesday,  after he got into a spat with FOX Sports' Katie Nolan the night prior, posting a GIF of a soap opera star popping out of a coffin.

Hubbuch has toned down his anti-Patriots act for now - as he is reporting on the Redskins - Giants game this week, pretending to not care about the barrage of tweets from the greater Boston area flooding his notifications tab.

Hubbuch has referenced the "black Patriots quarterback" controversy since his brief Twitter death, citing that black return specialist Brian Mitchell was forced to play QB for the Philadelphia Eagles 26 years ago.

Hubbuch did not address his Twitter hiatus, however. It's possible that News Corp higher-ups stepped in when they realized the sensitivity of Hubbuch's original tweet and that he was publicly feuding with more relevant FOX talent.

Nolan tweeted at one of her followers Thursday, "He's back ugh."