You think you've been feeling bugged by the heat and humidity? Well, now you're going to feel  bugged-out by the latest mosquito forecasts – yes, I did say the latest mosquito forecast.

This is something, and it's because mosquitoes transmit diseases, with the Zika virus the biggest concern right now . Other diseases that can spread through mosquito bites are dog heartworm and West Nile virus, to name a few.

Mosquitoes get real active when it's hot and humid, and that's been the case for most of the Northeast this entire summer, with the exception of parts of New England.

When you take a look at your latest Accu-weather forecast you will see the latest mosquito forecast attached to it: conditions are high for Boston and New York and extremely high for Philadelphia.

With all the rain during the past few days, standing water, puddles, birdbaths and boat tarps make for ideal breeding grounds for mosquitoes

So load up on your bug spray and keep a close eye on your pets, I would not leave them alone in your backyard for too long.

So the good news is the stifling heat that was smothering parts of the Northeast especially from Philly to NYC, is gone. However, the bad news is it has been extinguished by waves of localized heavy rain, storms, flash flooding and now mosquito alerts.

Storms and flash flooding will continue into Tuesday, however a true breath of fresh air will arrive Wednesday and Thursday, before more heat returns by Friday and into Saturday.

The tropics are starting to get active and right now I'm keeping an eye on a quick moving disturbance south of Puerto Rico that  has a decent chance of developing into a tropical storm as it moves into the Western Caribbean 

Gotta go I'm starting to itch ...


Today: Mostly cloudy, isolated shower high 74

Tuesday: More clouds than sun, late shower 74

Wednesday: Sunshine, nice and dry high 80

Thursday: More sunshine, high 85

Friday: Warming up, high 89


Saturday: Hot, scattered storm 90

Sunday: Scattered showers and storms 84

New York

Today: Strong scattered storms, local flooding 80

Tuesday: Mostly cloudy, late storm 81

Wednesday: Sun, low humidity 80

Thursday: Mostly sunny 84

Friday: Warmer, but dry 88


Saturday: Scattered storm 90

Sunday: Scattered storms 87


Today: Scattered strong storms, localized flooding high 86

Tuesday: More scattered strong storms high 85

Wednesday: Nice day, humidity drops high 84

Thursday: Mostly sunny,still nice high 85

Friday Warmer more humid 88


Saturday  Hot late storm high 91

Sunday: Shower/storm 87