This wedding dress might look like haute couture but it is very much a piece of design. This lacy-looking number, created by designer Van Tram from Brooklyn, New York, took the top prize, including a check for $10,000, at the Annual Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest at a ceremony in New York, after beating more than 1,500 entrants.

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The Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest began 12 years ago as the brainchild of Susan Bain and Laura Gawne to generate a buzz around their wedding website, The rules of the competition state that designers are only to use Charmin brand toilet paper, tape, glue, and needle and thread to make a dress that can be worn by a human. 

“They genuinely surprise us and make choosing winners harder every year.” said Susan Bain, co-founder of Cheap-Chic Weddings and creator of the Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest.