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While you snoozed, a pilot was heard trying to get into a locked cockpit. Saudi Arabia launched strikes on Yemen and a tornado struck U.S. states. 

A California woman faked her own kidnapping, while an ex-POW was named a deserter. 

The Germanwings crash black box revealed a locked cockpit

There were new clues in the mystery around the deadly plunge taken by the German plane this week. Voice recordings from the battered black box revealed that the co-pilot was locked out of the cockpit and trying to smash the door down as the plane was going down. 

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Saudia Arabia launched Yemen strikes

Along with its allies, the oil-rich country took a mighty swipe at Iran-backed Houthi rebel forces who kicked the U.S.-backed Yemen president out of government. It's a problem because the country's civil war could escalate spill over in the region as tensions mount between those supporting Sunni Muslim Saudi Arabia or Shi'ite Muslim Iran.

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States were hit with deadly tornadoes

Three great wild towers of wind wreaked havoc as they ripped across the states of Oklahoma and Arkansas. One person died, others were injured and hundreds of buildings were destroyed. 

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Bowe Bergdahl was charged with desertion

The former U.S. Army sergeant controversially exchanged for five Taliban prisoners after being held captive for five years in Afghanistan, Bergdahl has just been found guilty of desertion. He upped and left his post in Afghanistan in 2009, before being held by the militants, and now stands accused of having put his colleagues' lives in danger. 

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A woman faked her own kidnapping

A week after her boyfriend said Denise Huskins had been dramatically snatched and her family had freaked out, she turned up safely at her dad's place and now none of them want to talk. Sound dicey? California police thought so too, and they're treating it as a hoax. 

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