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10 strange and delicious finds at NYC’s Fancy Food Show

Summer’s edition of the Fancy Food Show brought over 180,000 products to the Javits Center this week, so you can imagine there were a lot of cool, weird and innovative food and dranks to be sampled. There’s just no way to try them all, but we put in a good effort and came away astonished at what’s missing from our pantries. Edible shot glasses, anyone?

Yummy Shots

These candy shot glasses taste like a cross between gummy bears and Fruit Roll-Ups. After doing a Jello or fireball shot out of one of these babies, you can shotgun the “glass,” too. The colors are bright and fun, and filled with loads of fruit flavor (though also food coloring).Yummy Shotscome in six flavors: watermelon, tamarind, mango, lemon, blueberry and chamoy, a spicy-sweet Mexican treat made from pickled fruits.

Gran Mitla’s Agave Worm Salt

The chinicuil, or agave worm, was a staple of the Mexican diet until the Spanish conquistadors landed there. However, even then only the wealthiest had access to it. Nowadays, it remains difficult to find, but tracking down this seasoning is worth it.Gran Mitla’s Agave Worm Saltis derived from insects that spend their entire lives eating only pulp from the agave cactus, which are dried and ground up with Oaxacan sea foam salt and dried regional chilis. Garnish your French fries like Mexican royalty and spite Donald Trump at the same time!

Jack Daniels Decaf Coffee

Made with Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey and fully decaffeinated Arabica beans, this coffee is as flavorful as your regular cup of Joe. Once brewed,Jack Daniels Decaf Coffeeis non-alcoholic, so you can enjoy it in the morning without smelling or feeling hungover.

KeVita Sparkling Probiotic Tonics

Fermented drinks are not for the faint of heart, soKevitahas created a less funky way to get your good bacteria. The company uses reverse osmosis filtered water and organic, vegan, non-GMO and gluten-free ingredients to create its probiotic tonics in flavors like dragonfruit lemongrass and tart cherry.

10thAvenue Tea

What could possibly be innovative about tea, right?10thAvenue Teais instant tea powder that eliminates the need for tea bags, Keurig cups, pods and strainers, cutting waste and making tea more convenient than ever. Each little bottle holds 60 servings of powder that can be added to hot or cold water, or use it in cocktails, muffins or any other food.

Vermont Sweetwater Maple Seltzer

TheVermont Sweetwater Bottling Companyhas created this new drink using carbonated and pasteurized maple sap, with no water added. Vermont mountain snow is naturally filtered through the roots of the sugar maple, which send their stored nutrients up into the crown of the tree to create this refreshing, light drink that has a hint of maple’s sweetness with just 12 grams of sugar.

Motto Sparkling Matcha

Matcha may be the hot new thing to stir into, well, anything, but the green tea extract has been highly coveted for centuries as the centerpiece of Japanese tea ceremonies. Motto puts a modern twist on this ancient beverage with Sparkling Matcha Tea. Think green tea-flavored San Pellegrino or Perrier, with some serious health benefits.

Fischer & Wieser Bourbon Cranberry Preserves

Bourbon has been used in glazes and sauces for years, so why hasn’t anyone thought to serve it at high tea before?Fischer & Wieser’s Bourbon Cranberry Preserves are so versatile – dollop it over cheesecake or add it to a fancy-pants PB&J. Surprise your next (adult) picnic!

Metztli Chia Shot

In Aztec mythology, Metztli was a god or goddess of the moon, the night and farmers. Chia are tiny black seeds from theSalvia Hispanicaplant, which is native to South America and was an important food for the Aztecs and Mayans. Chia seeds are among the healthiest foods on Earth, and Metztli’s single-serving packs make them easy to add to juices and smoothies, or give your bottled water a healthy kick.

Seitenbacher Black Cumin Oil

The Muslim prophet Mohammed exalted black cumin as a “cure for everything except death.” Black cumin seed oil is still prized for its health properties, andSeitenbacher’s versionis organic, extra-virgin, cold-pressed, and comes ready to be drizzled on salads and pastas, or use it as a dipping oil for bread.

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