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10 things you need to do to get through the snowstorm

Take a chill pill: It's just snow. Lots and lots and lots of snow.

Everyone and his step-uncle has advice on what to do — and not to do — in a blizzard. So do we. Some of the best came from Dr. Matthew Weissman, chief medical officer for Community Healthcare Network, a nonprofit that runs 12 clinics in metropolitan New York.

If you’re outside, which you shouldn’t be:

1.Layers, layers, layers. And we don’t mean cake. We mean dress in layers to fend off frostbite. Staying warm and dry is key.

2.Take it easier while shoveling. Those stories of increased heart attacks during snow removal are true. If you’re concerned, pay a neighbor kid.

3.Car Safety. Clear the snow from your car’s tail pipe. A snow blockage could flood the car with deadly carbon monoxide. And don’t drive til the snow is cleared.

4.Be careful when sledding. And wait for the storm to be over! Wear a helmet, don’t go too fast, and mind the kids.

5.Stay hydrated and well fed. Cold temperatures stress your body. Be sure to drink enough water before you go out, and carry a snack – a granola bar is ideal – in case you get stuck outside waiting for a train or stuck in your car in a snowbank

When in the safety of your home, where you should be:

6.Check your smoke detector and especially your carbon monoxide detector batteries. Don’t heat your house with anything that’s not indicated for indoor use like, a stove or camping equipment because of risk of Carbon Monoxide poisoning.

7.Make sure your home health kit is up to date, including checking the expiration dates of your home medications.

8.Fill prescriptions now: make sure you have a several-days supply of prescriptions medications in case you can’t get to the pharmacy.


10.Relax, it’s just snow.

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