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20 baby names that will be really popular in 2015

Nameberry predicts Finn will be the most popular boys' name of 2015.

Most people gage what the most popular name is by considering what they hear a lot of (“There seem to be a lot of Ashleys in my daughter’s class!”), but the researchers at Nameberry have it down to a science. The entire site is dedicated to all-things baby names and they use mathematical formulas to figure out which ones are the most popular. The site just released the names they predict will be the most popular of 2015, and while some aren’t all that surprising, some will make you scratch your head.

As with any trend, some are celebrity-inspired, such as Ivy (thanks, Beyonce) and Violet (Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner’s baby name choice). Other names have long had literary or historic roots, but are just now making an appearance on the “most popular” list.

See the full list below and head over to Nameberry for further analysis as to why each name is surging in popularity.

Top 10 girls’ names:

1. Violet

2. Stella

3. Adeline

4. Lila


6. Beatrice

7. Elsa

8. Cora

9. Aurora

10. Ivy

Top 10 boys’ names:

1. Finn

2. Emmett

3. Silas

4. Hudson

5. Asher

6. Sawyer

7. August

8. Declan

9. Jasper

10. Ezra

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