3 books to read during Hurricane Joaquin - Metro US

3 books to read during Hurricane Joaquin

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Even if you aren’t a big reader, the rainy weather will have you wanting to pick up a book you can get lost in this weekend. The three included here are intensely dramatic and action packed — you won’t want to put them down.

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1. “Robert Ludlum’s The Patriot Attack” by Kyle Mills

If you want to give your Netflix a break, grab this book that’s packed with as much action and drama as a blockbuster movie. Kyle Mills just released the latest book in Robert Ludlum’s “Covert One” series (Ludlum is the creator of “Jason Bourne”), this one about a war between Japan and China. When Colonel Jon Smith is sent over on a mission to recover mysterious material from a nuclear reactor and doesn’t come back, CIA agent Randi Russell is sent over to find him.There, she discovers that the Japanese are secretly developing weapons that would take the war to a whole new level.

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2. “Baseball Dads” by Matthew S. Hiley

If you like novels about sleepy towns that are much more twisted than they appear on the surface, “Baseball Dads” is right up your ally. Dwayne’s wife is cheating on him, and his son’s Little League coach is driving him nuts. He’s really just an ordinary husband and father, but then he decides to shake things up by recruiting a few other dads to get his revenge. This is a book about sex, drugs, murder and baseball.

3. “Above The Waterfall” by Ron Rash

Another novel about a small town being shaken up that will have you hooked is Ron Rash’s new book, “The Waterfall.” His first novel since his 2012 bestseller “The Cove,” it’s about an Appalachian community full of secrets. The sheriff, nearing retirement, is addicted to meth. The local park ranger, Becky, has a past no one could have guessed. When an old guy who’s lived in the community for decades is accused of poisoning a trout stream at a nearby resort, the sheriff and park ranger are brought together in an unexpected way.

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