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6 Things to know about Trump protester Sam Spadino

Sam Spadino, Trump protester

Sam Spadino first made headlines back in June when he interrupted a Duluth, Minnesota Trump rally.

The 36-year-old reportedly held up a photo of the president with former friend and convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, whom Trump called a “terrific guy” in a 2002 New York Magazine interview.

At the rally, Trump saw Spadino’s sign — which read “Who is Jeffrey Epstein?” — and proceeded to mock his man bun. “Go home to your mom, darling,” he said.

“Was that a man or a woman? Because he needs a haircut more than I do,” Trump joked to a rowdy crowd as Spadino got escorted out. Watch this unfold below:

Spadino was arrested on October 4 after protesting at another Trump rally in Rochester. Reports state that he repeatedly yelled “Dad!” and was escorted out of the arena by security (he later told the Duluth News Tribune that he “thought it’d be funny”).

Rochester police took Spadino to Olmsted County Adult Detention Center where he stayed overnight. 

Spadino was charged with two counts of disorderly conduct, obstructing the legal process and trespassing, to which he pleaded not guilty. A jury trial is set for January 28, 2019.

During an interview on Joey Vincent’s podcast, Filter Free Amerika, Spadino talks about his recent arrest: “For me, it’s just about raising awareness, getting people to question their own reality, get outside of their bubble… Any citizen who’s concerned about their country should be asking questions.”

He said he wants to get people, especially the “Trump cult” to question the president because “they would never let Obama get away with half the stuff that Trump has gotten away with … or anyone else, but for some reason, whatever he says is gospel.”

Here’s what we could find on Sam Spadino.

Sam Spadino was raised Christian conservative

Spadino, full name Samuel Thomas Spadino, is a self-described progressive from Minneapolis, Minnesota.

“I was born in Maplewood, MN, raised evangelical, home-schooled K-12, attended a four-year Bible college, and blindly voted for George W. Bush when I was 18,” he wrote on CityPages.com.

“My own skepticism toward anyone mandating laws for how to live a moral life grew out of watching a steady stream of disgraced televangelists and disingenuous representatives pander for money, votes, or forgiveness,” he continued, later explaining why he planned to vote for Bernie Sanders in the 2016 Democratic presidential primaries.

“We have finally found a voice that is speaking truth to power and has been consistently for the last 40-plus years,” Spadino penned. “A voice that resonates like we believe our own could. He may not weigh in on all the topics that concern us, like SpongeBob and sexting, but he is weighing in on income inequality and marijuana, topics which do concern us very much indeed.”

Sam Spadino is a comedian

Spadino does comedy and often performs on Minneapolis’ And Now It’s Comedy Corner.

You can find a number of clips on YouTube. Exhibit A: 

Sam Spadino worked as a ‘human guinea pig’

To support his passions as a creative, Spadino reportedly worked as a “human lab rat” for pharma companies that needed clinical trial volunteers. He spoke to VICE News about it in 2016.

“[My first trial was] testing out a new delivery system of Fentanyl, a pretty hardcore painkiller,” he said. “I also did a study that was with synthetic THC, and I got a little high off of that.”

“People ask, ‘Oh aren’t you worried about your body and the long-term effects?’ These are the same people that I’ve seen snort whatever they are handed at a party; I’m at a medical clinic having around-the-clock supervision, and you’re doing bumps of God knows what,” Spadino told VICE. “I’ve heard some horror stories of medical studies, but for the most part, I think they’re pretty benign. For me, as a person who doesn’t have healthcare, doing drug studies actually allows me to have regular checkups and physicals.”

Sam Spadino: Find him on social media

Spadino’s Twitter, which appears to be under the handle @partydino, is a public account.

“I got kicked out of a trump rally for having a man bun and for asking a big question…” his bio reads, “and then for yelling dad?!”

He also has a Facebook page on which he posted about his recent arrest.

Sam Spadino has met Stormy Daniels

Spadino saw Daniels perform a week or two before the first Trump rally in June. 

“She puts on a great show,” Spadino said of Daniels on Vincent’s podcast, “shout out to Stormy.”

Sam Spadino published an open letter to Trump

After the June Trump rally, Spadino wrote an open letter to the president on CityPages.com.

“My friend and I just wanted to ask you a question, and figured in person was the best way to do it since you’re a busy guy,” Spadino penned. He then said of the Jeffrey Epstein sign, “When I showed you the picture from 1997, taken at Mar-a-Lago, of you with your arm around this ‘terrific guy,’ you didn’t seem to recognize him.”

He goes on to discuss the 2016 lawsuit against both Trump and Epstein, in which they were accused of raping a 13-year-old Jane Doe. She dropped the suit that same year.

“Every time Jeffrey comes up I have more questions, but the only response you gave me was in the form an insult. ‘Was that a man or a woman?'” Spadino wrote. “I know seeing a picture of yourself next to a convicted pedophile is probably not a great look for someone who has recently been putting immigrant kids in cages, but I expected a better comeback from you than a ‘cut your hair, hippie’ knockoff.”

Spadino ends the letter with a final note: “P.S.: If you really want a haircut you should come to Minneapolis. My stylist says she can fix your weave!”