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7 biggest blunders in ‘Voice’ history

We all make mistakes, and to some extent they’re expected. But the pressure for perfectionism gets a little higher when you’re on live television with millions of viewers watching. After nine successful seasons, it’s with relief to report that “The Voice” has only aired a handful of slipups, including some rookie mistakes and a few production errors.

Sadly, do-overs don’t exist in the world of reality competition, so we get to relive the seven biggest blunders to ever occur on “The Voice.”


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1. Korin Bukowski forgets the lyrics

As far as stage nightmares go, Korin Bukowski may have experienced the worst of them all — possibly hoping it was all a dream. After eight of the top 9 were announced on Season 9, Bukowski performed Colbie Caillat’s “Try” for an Instant Save in her final attempt to win viewer’s votes. Unfortunately the 20-year-old singer from Team Gwen forgot the lyrics and had a rough time getting through much of the song. Despite her hindrance, all four coaches praised the young singer for powering through with prevailing vocals.

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2. Luke Wade jumps the gun

With “The Voice” down to the final 12 in Season 7, it could not be a more defeating time to make a mistake during a live performance. The soulful Texan singer Luke Wade could not hide the devastation on his face after botching the opening of his live performance to Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud.” Luke started off the song two beats too soon and was already on the second verse before realizing he was offbeat.

He immediately stopped singing and looked a bit uneasy — so much so that host Carson Daly admitted he was “ready to walk back out here,” assuming that was the end of Luke’s performance. However, he quickly composed himself and jumped right back into the melody, leaving the coaches completely charmed by how he professionally handled what could have been a showstopper in the worst possible way.

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3. Shelby Brown’s nerves get the best of her

When 16-year-old Shelby Brown from Team Adam performed Jamey Johnson‘s “In Color” on Season 9, she was understandably nervous. Blake Shelton called her out by saying, “There was one moment when you got ahead of the band, but then you followed it up with such a big note.” Coach Adam Levine added, “I am glad Blake brought that up. But this is why I love you. You made a mistake and came back with maybe your best minute on the show. It shows you are here to play.”

4. Kristen Merlin has a microphone malfunction

Kristen Merlin had viewers captivated by her soulful performance of Sugarland’s “Stay” on Season 6’s first live show. Until, that is, her microphone cut out. The country singer immediately noticed the glitch and appeared a bit concerned but just kept powering through.

It may have seemed like an eternity to Merlin, but the audio malfunction lasted about 30 seconds before host Carson Daly delivered a new mic, just in time for everyone to hear her final, heart-rending note. And while viewers may have suffered in silence, Kristen never stopped singing, which had all four coaches on their feet applauding her perseverance.

5. Blake Shelton misses a line

Even professionals make mistakes. Coach Blake Shelton performed on the live results show with team members Hannah Kirby, Meghan Linsey and Corey Kent White, singing “In The Midnight Hour,” each taking on different verses. While Shelton kicked off the song flawlessly, he was apparently enjoying himself so much that he missed his cue to sing the next verse. There was a moment vocal silence before Shelton realized and picked up the next line. The humble coach later Tweeted, “Yes I missed a damn line in that song… Sh*t!!! I like how this is going though!!!” referring to the fact that all three of his members made it to the Top 10.

6. Carson Daly Makes the Wrong Call

Carson Daly had a bit of a Steve Harvey moment when announcing the top 10 results for Season 9. He revealed that the next person saved would be from Team Adam not realizing that Shelby Brown was Adam’s only remaining member on stage at the time. Of course between the long projected pause of the team name being revealed and the person saved, Brown’s face lit up as she realized it was her.

Then Carson corrected himself by going back and announcing the correct team name, and Brown maturely composed herself. Luckily she still ended up advancing to the top 10 later that night.

7. One Coach Has a Chair Glitch

During her Season 5 blind audition, Grey Paluszynski’s rendition of “Catch My Breath” inspired coaches Adam, Cee Lo and Blake to turn their chairs for her. But in a shocking turn of events, Blake’s chair malfunctioned. Immediately after Grey’s performance, Blake’s chair turned again and he was stuck facing the audience. Eventually a production assistant fixed the chair and the show went on but it may have caused Blake a great artist seeing as Grey chose to go with Team Adam.

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