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7 gifts to get your friends healthy and fit in the new year

7 gifts to get your friends healthy and fit in the new year

Jump Rope

It’s the perfect stocking stuffer and it costs less than a bespoke cocktail. Ten minutes of skips burns 125 calories on average, which is roughly equivalent to running an 8-minute mile, except this is low-impact. And you can do it anywhere! (Except maybe not in your apartment, if you have neighbors below you.) $10


The temperature is dropping outside. You got your Brew in a warm place? #kbbk #kombucha #heatmat #inaction

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Kombucha homebrew kit

For your friend who has been talking about brewing their own kombucha and getting their gut right but never makes it happen, this affordable kit is basically kombucha for dummies. It has everything a first-time brewer would need, including a SCOBY culture and liquid starter, a glass brew jar and most importantly, instructions! $35

Foam roller 

Initially, nobody wants to use a foam roller. But once you get in the habit, you get hooked on its hurts-so-good release — and your sore, knotted muscles will thank you later. Slap a bow on one of these and give it to the workout fanatic in your life who’s always cursing their tight IT band. $9.99

S’well water bottle

So you can’t always get your pals laid but you can help them quench their literal thirst. A 17 oz. S’well bottle is sleek and stylin’, made of temperature-controlled stainless steel and it’s good for the environment. Friends don’t let friends stay dehydrated. $25

Bluetooth clip-on speaker

Pimp your pal’s ride with this sea-green bluetooth speaker they can clip right on their clothes to serenade them as they cruise the neighborhood. Unlike headphones, these speakers will pump the tunes without completely drowning out the noise of traffic, making them a safer bet. $8.50

Verilux light therapy lamp

If your friend loathes the winter and suspects they might have seasonal affective disorder, treat them to this light therapy lamp by Verilux. It emits 5,000 lux, which is considered medium intensity and has a recommended use of 45-60 minutes a day. Best of all, it’s portable and only 1.5 pounds, so they can slip it in their purse and whip it out anywhere — say, at their desk at work when they’re feeling blue. $32

Subscription to Headspace app

For your friend who needs to get into a better, well, headspace, this popular mindfulness meditation app features daily ten-minute exercises guided by founder Andy Puddicombe (in his soothing British voice). New users start with 10 free sessions, but to keep going requires a monthly subscription. $7.99