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7 reasons why Olivia Caridi is the best villain in ‘Bachelor’ history

Olivia Caridi
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Despite constantly running her mouth, former news anchor Olivia Caridi snagged the First Impression Roseand has continued to stick around week after week, much to the chagrin of the other contestants. Thanks to clever editing, she’s been this season’s villain — the one all the others ladies can’t stand. Though she’s probably not that horrible in real life (check out her Twitter — she’s actually pretty funny!), she is climbing to the top of the list of the best villains in “Bachelor” history. Move over, Courtney Robertson, the villain crown hereby goes to Olivia!

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1. Olivia will use her fame to boost her career. While Season 6 Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky was never a villain, she did pave the way for these reality stars to extend their 15 minutes. Having also left a rad job (she worked at Facebook) for the “Bachelor” family, Ali has since become a lifestyle blogger and a correspondent for E! Entertainment, regularly making appearances on E! News. So what’s in the cards for Olivia post-“Bachelor”? She’ll do the same! She’s already blogging, and she’s on the hunt for her next gig. She’s letting it be known she’s open to whatever opportunities come her way. On her website, she wrote, “I gave up my job to be on [‘The Bachelor’], but I did not give up my career. I am confident that I will get another job in broadcast news to continue my career in the television news industry.”

2. She’s pretty smart and her quips are good. Tonight’s target? Sweet mom Amanda. Olivia compares her to the stars of MTV’s “Teen Mom.” Ouch! However, she’s quick to redeem herself with the audience, as she’s not afraid to make fun of herself. As each episode airs, Olivia is quick to comment on her own ridiculousness, like when she posted a funny pic of ugly feet in response to her own feet that she hates. If she can change public perception through social media, she just might even have a chance at being the next Bachelorette.

3. She’s losing her mind on camera. This “secret love language” she shares with Ben? Cuckoo. Cuckoo. It’s literally all in her head.

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4. She can take the heat. Her extreme confidence is very reminiscent of Courtney Robertson, the last one standing with Bachelor Ben Flanjik. Just as Courtney rubbed all the other women the wrong way, so does Olivia. What makes Olivia is the better villain? Because we know she can’t win. She gets dumped. This Ben is much more perceptive, and he’d never fall under the spell of the hot one everyone hated for too long.

5. She doesn’t know she’s the villain. Other villains (Vienna Girardi, Bentley Williams, Justin “Rated R” Rego, etc.) knew their place and loved being the mastermind behind the drama. Olivia’s not playing it up to be the villain, she just is!

6. Even if it’s the editing, she’s self-centered. At the cocktail party in episode three, Ben reveals to the group that he’s grieving the sudden deaths of a couple family friends. Almost immediately, Olivia takes Ben aside for some one-on-one time. Cut to them sitting next to each other and she’s opening up about her physical insecurities — primarily her cankles and fat toes. Ugh, do your toes really matter that much when Ben’s in mourning?!

7. And in true villain form, she’s NOT there to make friends. She knows she has something with Ben, and she likes to brag about it. But in tonight’s episode, many of the women will confess their true feelings toward Olivia to Ben. As you tune in, you’ll realize it’s the beginning of the end for Olivia on “The Bachelor.” Until The Women Tell Al episode, of course.

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